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  • JEET S Series
  • JEET S Series

JEET S Series


S Series Tool Videoscope, Mega Pixles Industrial Endoscope:

  • 1280×720 Mega HD Image
  • Car front face design button
  • 3.5 inches IPS HD full-view display
  • Aircraft engine streamlined design joystick


  • joystick-control 360°accurate articulation
  • 220°large bending angle, ensure to inspect every corner of detected object
  • It can insert and inspect as long as there are holes or gaps
  • Super bright ceramic light with 0-6 levels control
  • Sapphire glass lens, high precision probe
  • One-click photo/video taking, real-time wireless image transmitting
  • Iconic menu, easy operation
  • Light and portable only 0.5KG
  • The whole product is dust-proof and water-proof IP65 & IP67
  • Excellent quality, anti-fall and wear-resistant
  • Super long working time


Jeet S Series Brochure