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JEET T35X Series


JEET T35X Series T-Series mega pixels industrial endoscope are widely used in many fields, such as automotive manufacturing, car aftermarket, police security checking, aviation and aerospace area, special inspection institute, pharmaceutical machinery, non-destructive testing, explosion-proof detection, etc.



  • High Temperature alarm function: 1. Yellow alarm when the temperature of testing environment is above 70℃; 2. Orange alarm when the temperature is above 80℃; 3. Red alarm and shutdown when the temperature is more than 90℃.
  • Camera and video 1080P, 450 thousland, 1 million, 2 million pixels are optional; support HD video recording, high definition display, picture resolution up to 1920*1080.
  • Supports real-time zooming, and the defect inspection is more intuitive.
  • Defect size measurement and comparison coordinate display, available for review, more accurate auxiliary judgement for defect detection.
  • 360° all-way articulation, damping type positioning design, precise articulation locking technology, make the detection more accurate and efficient.
  • The image can be outputted to HD display by HDMI or Wi-Fi.


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