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Trident QW3100



Oil Quality and Water Contamination Monitor (Real-time Monitoring Leads to Improved Asset Health Management)


Poseidon Systems’ Trident QW3100 is a real-time, in-line sensing technology for monitoring the health state of lubricating fluids. The device provides continuous insight to oil health, promoting condition-based maintenance practices such as optimized fluid drain intervals and reduced dependence on offline analysis. The QW3100 utilizes electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) technology to measure a fluid’s impedance spectrum and track its health; the most advanced oil quality sensor on the market. The impedance spectrum provides multiple condition indicators which can be used to assess the lubricant’s additive package health, monitor breakdown, and identify the presence of contaminants. Additionally, an integrated water-in-oil sensor provides direct measurement of dissolved water content in the lubricant. The QM3100 provides you with the power to improve your asset health management practices by enabling informed maintenance decisions based on real-time information.