• SoundCam Ultra Sensor

SoundCam Ultra Sensor

SoundCam Ultra Sensor is the first acoustic camera in the SoundCam family designed specifically for integration. The system is intuitive to use with the included software. The SoundCam Ultra Sensor locates sound sources in real time and immediately streams the results on your PC or to a monitoring system.


The SoundCam Sensor can be attached to a machine or a robot, for example. Communication with the SoundCam sensor is logically via TCP/IP, physically via Ethernet. For the acquisition of sensor data, documentation of the interface is available. One or more of these sensors can be used for a variety of applications e.g. machine monitoring, leakage detection, animal and traffic monitoring.


The interface description allows you to write own analysis software for the SoundCam.  The sensor consists of 72 microphones with a sampling rate of 200 kHz and an optical camera. The high speed and accuracy make the system also applicable in a very high frequency range up to 100 kHz.


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