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C200/C200 Pro



InfiRay C200 Handheld Thermal Camera

InfiRay® C200 Handheld Thermal Camera adopts the infrared detector with nearly 50000 pixels. All advantages can fully meet the various application needs of electrical diagnostics, machinery/equipment maintenance, building inspection, property and household, and other occasions. It is easy to use, professional, and efficient.



  • wide temperature range(-20 ℃~+550 ℃)
  • Infrared+visible light fusion
  • 7 pseudo colors+4 image modes
  • 11h working time
  • IP54 protection grade
  • 2m drop-proof


InfiRay C200 Pro Handheld thermal camera

With an upgraded thermographic detector. Operating efficiency is upgraded.  InfiRay self-developed high-performance 12μm infrared detector, 256×192 high resolution, and 0.04℃ temperature resolution are C200 Pro’s "trump cards" to provide infrared thermal images of rich details and accurate temperature measurement. With pro-grade 2,000,000-pixel visible light and low lag, it can meet professional work requirements easily. What's more, it features timed photographing, 15h long battery life, plug-and-analyze through USB. Tianshu C200 Pro, powerful upgrade of the detector.


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