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  • Titan 2 Benzene Gas Detector

Titan 2 Benzene Gas Detector


Monitor and sample benzene with world leading benzene detection technology.

Titan 2 benzene gas monitor incorporates the NEW MiniPID T2 10.0 eV Sensor which offers improved sensitivity, reliability and overall performance. The unique sampling method eliminates interfering gases such as toluene, xylene and methane providing you with accurate benzene concentration readings you can rely on.



  1. Titan 2 offers a world leading solution for the detection of benzene, providing precise detection at levels as low as 0.02 ppm (20 ppb) and as high as 20 ppm within 60 seconds. Titan 2 benzene gas monitor has been specifically engineered to analyse airborne dangers and can be utilised to evaluate the efficiency of purification or vapour recovery systems/units (VRU).
  2. Titan 2 benzene gas monitor has obtained certification for use in ATEX zoned environments and locations. Furthermore, the enclosure is IP65 rated, offering reliable protection against the intrusion of dust and water.


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