• Intellinova Standard

Intellinova Standard

Intellinova® Standard is an online condition monitoring system where well-proven methods and modern technology meet to ensure the highest possible uptime of critical assets. Offering optimal cost-per-channel, Intellinova Standard is the ideal condition monitoring solution for installations covering many measuring points. The system, accommodating up to 32 channels, is appropriate for the vast majority of standard and high-demand applications where measurement is not time-critical, such as paper machines, pumping stations, or air handling units. Implementing HD condition monitoring technologies, it is perfect also for low-speed applications, delivering reliable condition data from below 0.1 RPM and upwards. The system combines complex measuring techniques and advanced data processing with a user-friendly interface and a variety of options for individual system customization. The result is a highly flexible, high-performance system delivering easily understood condition information that will help you make the most informed maintenance decisions.